IdenTV for Illicit Content

IDenTV is the market leader in detecting inappropriate material within your data. We have developed industry leading technologies to analyze your data at scale and detect instances of inappropriate content in real time.

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Illicit Content Detection

Our advanced algorithms can help you moderate and flag image, video, audio, text, and social media content for nudity, gore, extremism, narcotics, threatening text, racist text, and many more.

Detection of Content for Compliance

IDenTV detects illicit content across all possible media through video, audio and textual analsis.

  • Video and Images
  • Audio
  • Text Analysis
  • Image

    Video and Images

    Our advanced computer vision classifiers can detect gore, acts of violence (shooting, stabbing, punching, explosions etc.) nudity, sexual acts, narcotics use, and other potentially inappropriate content in images and video.

  • Audio

    Advanced audio recognition platforms will detect and flag language that is considered illicit, including but not limited to: Insults, racism, threats, sexual content, and mental health flags. Using our machine translation platform, we can recognize this content in 14 different world languages.

  • Image

    Text Analysis

    Search using the aforementioned classifiers across your own archive of text data, any number of news websites, or across social media. Our advanced machine translation allows searching across 14 different languages

IDenTV Illicit Content Classifiers

Unleash the power of IDenTV Video AI in your applications.

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