Video has become the single most powerful medium in the world of communications. Unlike any other data
source, it has the power to give us real-time information about human behavior and how people interact with
the world and transform our ability in a highly dynamic environment to proactively protect our citizens.

The private sector is on the leading edge of leveraging rapidly evolving disruptive technology to refine
their video marketing campaigns, improve their demographic targeting, and extract increasing value from
video.  Governments at all levels, and national security and law enforcement agencies in particular,
need to catch up to these transformative technologies as they tackle three critical challenges in the face of
the massive explosion of video intelligence (VIDINT):

  • Assessing in real time exactly who and what is occurring in the massive amounts of video collected in
    the local environment, border crossings, and via intelligence operations
  • Locating and identifying video material disseminated by individuals with nefarious intent, both openly
    and in the deep web, to better understand their audiences and counter or locate them
  • Developing tactical and strategic information operations leveraging video and mechanisms to track their

Existing facial recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities in federal, state
and local government are no longer sufficient and require a disproportionate amount of human resources with a
relatively high degree of false positives and potential for human error. In a world of increased threats to
our safety and security coupled with limited human and fiscal resources, you cannot afford to waste time
manually tracking and analyzing this data can be better directed to other critical missions.  These
search technologies looks at the metadata stored with videos while other technologies leverage image
techniques (like classification) to find objects, cars, or company logos in videos.

True video analytics involve using computer vision algorithms to analyze video pixels automatically, and
over time — not only identifying objects in the scene, but also tracking their movements and behavior. With
true video analytics you can track patterns of movement of hundreds of objects in the scene, as well as their
size, shape, speed, and direction of movement.

The Intelligent Video-fingerprinting Platform (IVP) provides true video analytics powered
by computer vision that will enable national security and law enforcement agencies to drive operations based
on real-time analysis of video rapidly integrated with other big data sources.

A Massive IVP Index for Video

IVP allows you to rapidly index your entire video repository and all relevant open source material then
monitor intake of video on 24/7 basis. Here’s how it works:

  1.     Using our IVP technology, we detect individuals, objects or actions in real
    time.  This technology can be applied in any language or country.
  2.     The platform then instantly produces reports in numerous file formats,
    eliminating hours of trying to compile information manually, long after it has already been
  3.     All matches are video-verified for increased transparency.
  4.     The platform is dynamic, allowing for continuous updating of the repository of
    relevant individuals, objects and actions.
  5.     Once data is collected, agencies are then able to search all of these logs by
    person, object or action, allowing them to develop insights and analysis that can be blended with other
    forms of intelligence and information.

IVP is that simple and highly cost-effective. This proven and patented technology is already operating in
the commercial and national security space, with experts from both working closely with engineers to rapidly
evolve the technology and outcomes.

The Future of VIDINT

With the emergence of IVP, the national security and law enforcement agencies are able to leverage in
real-time the massive amount of VIDINT being generated both by the government and the enemy. IVP technology
can be seamlessly integrated with existing analytics platforms – allowing you to merge all forms of
intelligence – or exist as a stand-alone capability.  All recordings are stored in digital format
and easily accessible for future use and analysis.

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