Video AI and machine learning solutions for

security applications.

IDenTV provides advanced video analytics based on AI capabilities powered by computer vision, automated speech recognition and textual semantic classifiers.

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AI Enabled Computer Vision for Video

IDenTV is a pioneer in Automatic Content Recognition (ACR), real-time video detection, video metadata extraction, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. We convert unstructured video into searchable and actionable metadata to transform how we understand and interact with video assets.

Solutions for the Enterprise

IDenTV focuses on producing solutions for key media and government industries via a robust suite of advanced Computer Vision and HLT and NLP technologies, leveraging deep expertise in both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


24/7 monitoring of television channels and video streaming sites for content tracking and real-time analytics.

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Real-time analysis of video merged with other big data sources for tactical and strategic purposes.

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Illicit Content

Monitor for violence, nudity, threat detection, and other potential red flags in live or archived content.

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The IDenTV platform generates 30+ layers of rich contextual metadata for deep comprehensive understanding of multimedia content. The confluence of this, our Intelligent Video Platform, and our real time media monitoring of video, web based text, and social media provide a unique insight into data and trends across the web that is unavailable anywhere else.

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The IDenTV Difference

  • Multi-Tiered Approach

    IDenTV combines advanced media monitoring, AI powered video analytics, and content intelligence to analyze data from multiple angles and deliver actionable results.

  • Our Team

    IDenTV’s talented team of PhD scientists and engineers are led by serial entrepreneurs with a proven track record of growth and successful exits.

  • Format Agnostic

    We can ingest data from live TV, social media, documents, telephony, user generated content, and more.

Enhance your content’s lifecycle from production to archive.

Generate dynamic advertising triggers based on content.

Employ play-out verification and royalty tracking.

Improve brand safety and manage client reputation.

Enhance targeting and engagement.

Enhance recommendation engines and product placement.

Unleash the power of IDenTV Video AI in your applications.

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