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IDenTV creates revolutionary insights for media broadcasters to improve strategies on improving ROI, ad spend, deeper levels of viewership and more.

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Media Solutions Overview

IDenTV empowers the media and entertainment industry with AI to becoming data-driven in ways that had been unattainable in the past.

Media Effectiveness through Video

  • Advertising ROI
  • Brand Recognition
  • Asset Management
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    Advertising ROI

    Enhance targeting and engagement by generating dynamic advertising triggers based on context. Employ play-out verification and royalty tracking and gain significant improvement on content ROI. Plus enhance existing recommendation engines and product placement.

  • Brand Recognition

    Identify brands and track occurrrences of advertisements and sponsorships inside broadcast TV. Improve brand safety and manage client reputation by tracking brand placement with content.

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    Media Asset Management

    Enhance the value of media assetas from production to archive with in-depth classifier tagging. Improve workflow by adding deeper layers of metadata inside video assets. Employ copyright protection and rights management.

Sample IDenTV Media Classifiers

Who We Serve

Computer vision models for the complete media ecosystem

IDenTV enables all constituents of the media ecosystem to leverage the power of advanced multimedia analytics.

Broadcasters / Programmers

Utilizing IDenTV Media local and national broadcasters leverage a complete deep learning toolkit to optimize content, increase internal ad sales intelligence, and boost programming appeal for increased audience engagement.

Digital streaming providers

We work with digital streaming providers to deeply integrate our AI suite to deliver unparalleled analytics to enhance viewers experience via contextually based data overlays, granular cross platform Ad targeting, play-out verification, copyright protection and rights management tools.

Advertisers / Brands

We help brands by providing advanced analytics to measure a comprehensive return on investment for TV ad campaigns as well as measuring earned media in multichannel marketing campaigns.

Advertising Agencies

We help agencies do more with TV advertising by uncovering invaluable insights on creative and ad placements and create valuable synchronized advertisement retargeting. Further, we provide advanced media planning tools to increase the likelihood of a higher return on investment for their clients.

Unleash the power of IDenTV Video AI in your applications.

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