IDenTV for Security and Defense

IDenTV provides security and defense personnel a seamless way to extract content, fuse various data sets, and make fast determinations for critical applications.

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Security Overview

The Government has a vast amount of video data that it collects and needs to be processed / monitored in order to make more efficient decisions, assist intelligence and video analysts, protect lives on the ground, and properly monitor and eliminate enemy targets. IDenTV has experience analyzing massive amounts of data in a manner that is consistently intelligent, comprehensive, rapid, and scalable utilizing state-of-the art content recognition technologies, developed using A.I. and Machine Learning.

Security for Private and Government Applications

  • Face Recognition
  • Object Detection
  • Video/Aerial Analysis
  • Image

    Face Recognition

    IDenTV’s industry leading facial identification system is pre-trained on hundreds of thousands of faces. For faces not trained on, the system will give the unknown face a unique ID, which can then be searched for in other videos to find this same unknown person. If the unknown person appears again in any other feeds he or she will be recognized. Lastly, a video analysts who knows who this person is can use the VideoJuicer to then replace the unique ID with the person’s name.

  • Object Detection

    IDenTV has created an efficient and lightweight high-tech but easy to use platform/technology software solution for object identification, object classification, object localization, unique object recognition/recall, and object tracking. This technology will support the analysts working Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination (PED) missions in both real-time as well as forensic analysis. IDenTV also has software and solutions that allow for semantic segmentation, logical expression or semantic description, and activity/situation recognition.

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    Video/Aerial Analysis

    IDenTV focuses on the application of cutting-edge technologies to solve the most difficult national security challenges. Specializing in content detection tracking and recognition from live full motion video (FMV) video/sensors and automate tracking changes across massive satellite imagery such as Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMIs).

Sample IDenTV Security Classifiers

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