In recent years, video has become the single most powerful medium in the digital marketing world.
Companies are now constantly looking for new ways to refine their video marketing campaigns, improve their
demographic targeting, and get more out of their analytics and research. Advertisements broadcast to
television, meanwhile, are now lagging far behind digital in terms of the kind of instant analytic data
advertisers can gauge.

One major struggle for advertising companies is to figure out in real time exactly where their videos are
playing and to which audiences. TV stations are required to provide program logs detailing exactly which
programs and advertisements ran on a minute-by-minute schedule. However, the process of actually creating
these logs is tedious and lacks automation. Many networks are forced to rely on antiquated methods of logging
that include a lot of human error. The time spent creating these logs could be spent in other important areas
of company operation.

Our Intelligent Video-fingerprinting Platform (IVP) helps make this possible for networks in a wide
variety of fields.

A Massive IVP Index

Through our IVP system, we easily index a station’s entire ad library, then monitor its broadcasts on a
24/7 basis. We are able to produce these logs in real time, which gives advertisers purchasing ad time
instant access to their reports. This eliminates many hours spent trying to compile information for

Networks are then able to search all of these logs by advertiser, data and other information, which allows
them to form their own analytics that they can then sell off to third parties.

The Future of Advertising

The possibilities for networks with this type of technology are endless. With the help of IVP, companies
will be able to close the gap between digital and broadcast in terms of getting accurate, helpful analytics
and big data.

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